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We have 20 years of experience

The Investment & Technology Group of Companies is a leading Baghdad-based conglomerate delivering telecommunication services, security systems and a logistical support provider established in 2004. Since then, we have grown into one of today’s fastest-growing group of companies offering next-generation services and products for governmental organisations and business’s inside Iraq.

Our success has been built on trust and close working relationships, thanks to our unparalleled speed of responsiveness for our clients, who depend on robust and reliable connectivity systems.

Pioneering the telecoms industry inside Iraq, ITC was one of the first telecom licence operators and exclusive operator through our strategic partnership with ITC (Iraqi Telecommunications & Postal Company) of the first submarine fibre optic cable system to connect Iraq and provide a lower latency, known as the north route for Gulf countries.

Main features:

Bandwidth Capacity: 100G 

Network Resilience: self-healing core ring in the Gulf, with double cable landings at the major terminals

Security: Native DDoS Protection 

Dedicated resources: Yes

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"Cloud computing is a great euphemism for centralization of computer services under one server."

- Evengwnvy Morozov